It was suggested that you'd like links for helping children at home, and although some children did use this last year I'm not sure the parents knew about this site so I thought I'd set up this page for you. Please don't use the other pages as I will use those in school and I don't want them to have used the sites before I've taught it.
I shall try to update at least every two weeks with what we have been learning.

Measuring length: 3 levels to choose from.

Reading scale: for weight, although it is hard to see the scale.

A little hard but try: for a mix of length, weight and capacity but you do have to write the measurements with the correct spelling.

Our new maths target this half term has been to rapidly recall ten times tables facts. This is a song we've been using (although I think they like the dancing more than the maths!):

Then this activity really helps with rapid recall:

or: just make sure you click on times tables and the tens. You have 2 options - hit the answer or hit the question.

We've started a new topic: What an idea! We will be thinking about inventors and inventions.

We persevered really hard to make a light bulb light up. In the end it took about 45 minutes (with some hints), but we all managed to do it. Use these websites to find out more: to find the electrical hazard. for an interactive circuit.
This week we are looking at adding and subtracting in maths. Using place value really helps you with this. Use these websites: (look for teacher's toolkit & choose the place value option).

Then these activities help you to add 10:

Last week we looked at cars and moving vehicles. Use this website: to look at car design.

Try this activity from Wallace and Gromit's website:

We will start by thinking about Leonardo Da Vinci. Use these websites to find out more about him: has an interactive studio to learn more! Has some simple facts has a mix of parts, but main focus is on art. is really good with some interactive games to illustrate the different points!

Here are some links for fire safety. Make sure you have a fire alarm and a plan. from London fire brigade. for a check list. is a link to create your own fire escape plan. has a myriad of games linked to fire safety.

We've been working on maths word problems this week. There are some problems you could solve on:

There is also an activity called power lines to make a total. There is an element of problem solving to it:

Finally to become quicker at calculating you could try:

We've been looking at the great fire of London. You could use: to learn more!

To learn more about Samuel Pepys you could use:

There is a video that children in another school have made:

There is a quiz to see how much you have learnt:

In science we are looking at materials.
If your child is in year 1 they could use:
or if in year 2:

There is also: which links in with maths and sorting information or to literacy and labelling.

And a big focus on wood and paper on:

For the first two weeks we are looking at poetry linked to fireworks (we are not making rhyming poetry as the focus is on good vocabulary). However I found these links about poetry:
Read these poems from starfall at: has some more poems to read.
Here is a link to make your own shape poems:
Or try:

Our new maths class target is based on the 2 times table.
Level 1 is to be able to count in 2s: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc.
Level 2 is to recognise these numbers out of order (i.e. know odd/ evens)
Level 3 to know multiplication facts as 2x0=0, 2x1=2, 2x2=4 and so on
Level 4 is to know related facts so to be able to divide by 2 as well.

As usual we will be doing a minute challenge and it is great to see the children becoming faster at recalling their facts. Although the best mathematicians aren’t necessarily the fastest it is important to be able to recall facts quickly.
The best way to ensure deeper understanding is to go from practical à concrete à abstract
e.g. count 2ps, groups of counters, sets of knives and forks, shoes, socks etc. to practice counting in 2s with meaning.
Move onto drawing sets of 2s. You could use stickers, dots, jumps on a number line so 2x3 would have a number line with three jumps on it.
Finally, the abstract look at recording it using the mathematical notation and recalling the facts.

Links to support:
Counting in 2s: and then down in 2s to highlight the 2s pattern make sure you check the multiplication and x2. You can do this as answers or as the question.

Some songs to support!

From our previous topics:
Brazil facts for children:
A child's life in Brazil:

From our London topic:
Looking at finding information about the Houses of Parliament:
or a child's version with facts: